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Practice club in Nigeria
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From the beginning, the three segments of club were very exciting to the participants of a recent training program held in Nigeria.  They had practical experience of Game Time, Team Time and Council Time and also how to explain the Bible. To many, learning that children can understand biblical truths so much more than they had imagined and could understand and memorize Scriptures to where they could apply the truths to their lives was surprising and welcomed.  Even using games to attract children to the club—and keeping them coming back was a new and welcomed idea.  They had practical experience after being taught each segment of club.

Its obvious the adults were having a great time playing the games too.  When this little girl saw her parents playing the games, mistakes and all, she loved it!  During one of the practices, she came up and leaned toward me and cooed, “W-o-n-d-e-r-ful!” I could tell she was anxious to get out there and play herself.  And she had her chance when, on the last day of the training, children from local and private schools were brought in for the participants to put into practice what they had learned throughout the week. Over a hundred children were divided into two clubs so that two groups of participants could run their own club. They were nervous yet excited. Even with the challenge of children arriving throughout the first half of club – not ideal, it gave the participants an opportunity to face these challenges and work through them with our help.

In the end, of course, the children wouldn’t have noticed any mistakes. They loved everything: the Game Time,  the Team Time and the Council Time.


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