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Sacrifices for the Suffering

Fiji Clubbers donate snack money to Japan quake victims

Club time in Fiji 
 Club time in Fiji

On the 15th of April I plan to have an Awana Leaders evening get together. There I will be asking all the leaders to go back to their clubs and share the prayer points we received from Awana Japan.  I will also ask them to join together and ask each child in their clubs for the next two months to give up their ice block, or juice, or snack money only 1 day a week.  So if each child receives say .20c a day for a snack than out of 5 school days they would not have a snack on just 1 day.  They would bring that money to club and each club would have a Japan Tsunami Appeal Jar where the coins would be kept.  After 2 months all the clubs are to send the funds in to Awana Fiji and we would send it directly to Awana Japan. The Fiji clubbers will be praying for and giving to Japan.  Our ministry team believes it is a good way that Fiji's children can sacrifice a little and become aware and be involved in helping children who have suffered so much.


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