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Me and my ministry team have had 3 club visits.  It was a good learning experience to see how lives of kids are being changed. 


We visited a club at the Evangelistic Assemblies of God Church.  It is in Mbalizi.  A suburb about 20 km from the city of Mbeya.  In the year 2010, it started with 120 kids.  It has grown now to just over 300 kids.  It was unbelievable!  Great things are being done in the club.  Mr. Wenera, a leader that we trained last year is a very ambitious program director.  Currently they have sixteen Awana leaders.  The church pastor (Thomas) is so amazed by how effective Awana programs are!


A couple forums were conducted here.  But the most impactful was the Seed Planters Training in late March.  It was so successful.  There were a hundred and eighteen trainees and eleven trainers.  We have sixty-four new churches with Awana clubs!  Praise the Lord!!  This is above expectations.  One of my prayers was for a prosperous gathering.  To God be the glory and honor!!  It is amazing to see how ambitious the new leaders are.  I pray that they will increase God's kingdom.

We are in the process of introducing the Awana program in the public schools.  There is big potential to reach kids with the Gospel.  We originally started this pilot program in only four schools in the Tunduma township which is in the city of Mbeya.  We ask for your prayers so that we get enough volunteers for the ministry.  The public school students are responding so well to the program.  They were just so positive.  Other religious teachers in the schools are anxious because of what they witnessed during that period.  The kids prefer Awana!  Praise the Lord!

We know all the achievements of our ministry in Tanzania are not by power, not by might, but by the holy spirit of the Lord.  Please keep praying for Tanzania.


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