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Fire in Kibera Slum!

School raised to the ground in Kenya

Fire in Kibera Slum
Fire in Kibera Slum

I just want to inform you that our school was razed down by fire which started at a near by shop which is near the school.  It was in the night at 1:00 am and it really destroyed so many things including church equipment, textbooks, furniture and other learning materials so I was sharing with Kenya Awana Director, Charles Nderitu, and he told me to write to you and request for a prayer because right now we don't how the children will continue with their studies.

I believe that our God is able in everything. Help us to share the information outside there in USA because we need to rebuild the classrooms so that learning for orphans and vulnerable children from Kibera Slums will have a place to learn in. I have provided pictures so that you can see the burnt classes. may God bless you.



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