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Golden domes of Mykhailivskyy Cathedral - Ukraine
Golden domes of Mykhailivskyy Cathedral - Ukraine

Club Striving in Sanatorium

Greetings Dear Sponsor!

Thank you for helping us in reaching children and their parents with the Gospel through Awana Ministry here in the Ukraine. May God bless all your plans and dreams you have in your hearts. We appreciate your devoted care about us and the ministry.

This time I would like to tell you a little bit about one Awana club that is in Kharkov city. This year Awana club # 260 decided to start Awana club at psychoneurological sanatorium. There are children who have been receiving treatment as orphans. These children have very specific needs.  They want special care.  Leaders do this ministry with great dedication, responsibility, and patience. Very often children leave and then new children come in.  So the leaders do their best to spend more time with the kids and communicate to them about Jesus Christ.  They help them all they can so the children will remember how Jesus loves them.

Also there is a women by the name of Nellya Borisovna who works at the sanatorium and does many good things for the children as well.  She brings the children to church and Sunday school.  She is interested in God.  Leaders believe that one day she will accept Jesus into her heart too.

Thank you one more time for your help.  Because of it many children are reached with the Gospel!


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