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Through the Storm

Quito Hindered by Hail, Rain & Lightning

 Bathroom scene after hail storm in Quito

Quito experienced a terrible hail, rain, and lightning storm lasting over 30 minutes last April.  There was news that a school academy had flooded and classes were suspended.  I decided to check out the Awana office. 

It was flooded too!  When I went in the kitchen water was dripping from the ceiling.  I went upstairs and every room, 5 rooms in all were totally flooded.  I found the "leak".  It was in the one of the bathrooms on the 2nd floor.  Hail CAME BACK UP THE SEWER LINE into 3 bathrooms and flooded everything.  Most things were off the floor.  Though some important records had to dry out.  We spent hours trying to vacuum up the sewer water from the rugs.  They are black with the dirty contaminated water.  You can see light footprints everywhere we walked.  We worked until after midnight to pick up what we could by vacuuming and we moved everything to dry "islands" on desk tops.

Pray for us as we seek to straighten this out.  This environment is unhealthy.  We had to close the office for work until we can either get a professional cleaning done or replace all of the carpets.


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