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Abimael Osorio & family
Abimael Osorio & family

Father's testimony of Rock Hard Heart

My name is Abimael Osorio Moreno, I am 34 years old and this is my testimony:

Six years ago I was walking in darkness and in sinful ways.  My life was a complete disaster, full of bad habits and bitterness.  Although I have a wife, children, a good job and friends, there was an emptiness in me that many times made me feel frustrated and alone even in the midst of lots of people.  I tried to fill that emptiness with alcohol, parties, hobbies and so many things the world offered me but it was not sufficient and each day I felt that I was of no value.

One day my brother Eli took his children to an Evangelical Christian Church where an Awana ministry is taking place. This ministry is full of great activities for his children and motivated him to keep attending thus beginning the work of God in his life and family.  But God being great in mercy had my nieces and nephews invite my children and also the children of my brothers.  My children Luis Fernando and Erly Alejandra loved the activities.  Each Saturday afternoon when the session was over they were to memorize the lessons which was assigned to them to study.  The day came when the children needed to invite their parents to share time with people, games, food and everything that they were preparing for others.  Nivis my wife agreed to accompany the children and she was amazed.  She was eager to attend all the other activities they were inviting her to.  She commented to me that she grew up in a catholic family but never before received a Christian education.  She accepted everything that was being taught to our children and she started to learn the lessons God was giving her every day.

My children and her invited me every Saturday to Awana, but I looked for excuses not to accompany them because I had to continue my "road to success".  But God, who is kind, great in mercy, loved me.  One day my daughter told me about an activity in her church and that she had won awards.  Full of innocence she said it was necessary for me to attend.  I agreed to accompany her and it turned out that she had a special award because she had the highest number of lessons during the year! That really touched me and the Lord broke the rock that was on my heart and HE began to make his wonderful work in me.  I started attending Awana activities and read the Bible.  I did not have another choice but to surrender my life to the one who gave himself on a cross for me because of HIS love.

Today my wife and I work in this ministry so the joy we have experienced can reach other families that live in darkness.  We are deacons in the Evangelical Christian Church in Merida and I am the Awana Youth Director.  My children are members of the youth group and also many of my family members and others are being reached by God’s mercy through this ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you.” (Luke 8:39)


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