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Past Hurt Led Him to Christ

Young man shares testimony when he was nine years old

For approximately 18 years I have been in the Awana (OANSA) program in El Salvador around Santa Ana.  The name of the church is Getsemani.

I was a nine year old boy with serious attention problems. I was very anxious and I did not do well in class.  I got into problems and fought a lot.  I even had a yearning to be in one of the gangs that were popular in my area.  Although I had some involvement with them I never did drugs or alcohol.  At the time, the school and my parents did not know what to do with me.  I believe that my own parents did not want me.  My mother was renting a house and she decided to own a house and move very far from where we used to live because we were surrounded by bad influences.  We found that our new neighborhood was worse than where we used to live so my mom made the decision to not let me go outside because of the fear of people killing me.  Despite all my mother's efforts, I still had anger in my heart.  I had anger towards my father's mistreatment to my mother.

But God is in control of everything.  One day at my mother’s job, a friend commented about the Awana program and she said to her, "Listen.  Only God can transform the life of your son."  My mother who was a Catholic woman decided to send me to a Christian church.  This was the first great miracle.  In El Salvador there exists serious problems between Evangelical and Catholic Christians.  My mother decided that I attend this program.  And the program changed my life at the age of nine.  After I had attended for a year, I took the decision of receiving Christ in my heart and to be transformed.  God has been so good to me in so many situations.  Now I am an enthusiastic young person of 27 years with a passion for Jesus.  I am about to finish my university studies and that is something that I could not ever imagine would happen.  I serve in a Christian church in the children's ministry.  And now we are very interested in implementing the Awana program in our church.


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