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Luxmore Mandevani, Awana Missionary/Zimbabwe with his mom
Luxmore Mandevani, Awana Missionary/Zimbabwe with his mom

The Mission of the Ministry

Clubbers in Zimbabwe 

I am the sixth born in a family of ten and have served six years for the Lord as an Awana Missionary.  My Mother is the first born in a family of seven.  She is 77 years old.  Her mother is still alive and she is 97 years and she is still quoting scriptures and songs she learned at church.

I was able to witness the National Flame & Torch Bible Quiz and Awana Games competitions.  The passion for Christ is evident.  Here are some of the childrens' accomplishments from various churches.  

(Nkulumani  Brethren in Christ Church proudly holding a national Shield with a symbol of a map of Zimbabwe.)

“We have managed to scoop first place shield because we did finish our two Hand books- Dove and the Eagle before this competition.”   Flame Team: Brethren in Christ Church Lobengula

"It is not about the Physical shield only but spiritually they have benefited from studying the word of God.”  Children’s Pastor proudly laying hands on two of his clubbers: Lobengula Brethren in Christ Church.

 “ I joined Awana at our church while I was in grade one as a Sparks clubber and I have finished the 3 Hand books for the Sparks, 2 Hand books for the Flame and 2 Hand books for the Torch. Now I want to be an Awana leader at our church.”  One of the  winning Torch Quizzers: Nkulumani Brethren in Christ Church.


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