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Clubber Marybeth in Kenya 
 Clubber Marybeth in Kenya

Mary Beth Akinyi has been in Awana since she was in the Sparks club but has never given her life to Christ. Awana was just a place that she would go to with her friends.  She was afraid to participate in council and would not raise her hand to answer a question even if she knew the answer.  Some of the leaders tried to motivate her little by little. As she was completing her year as a Flame she started to change by reciting memory verses.  She even participated in the Bible quiz. 

During her first year in Torch she felt that she wanted to serve the Lord deep down from her heart.  One Saturday the story of Nicodemus was being told. The leader explained what it meant to be born again and that is when she decided to give her life to Christ.  She lifted up her hand.  Two of her friends did as well.  It is so wonderful that Mary’s salvation made her mother come to church.

She is the leader of the Christian union at her school and this is what she says to the other clubbers all over the world, “ Just as the Awana theme song says, we are lead by the Lord’s commands and we are approved workmen who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ”.


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