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Awana Feedback from Field

Leaders Line Up for Meal at Training Conference
Leaders Line Up for Meal at Training Conference

Reports from Refugee Camp & Kigoma Town

"It was a never forgotten chance to see Awana in Nyarugusu Camp. Like a dream but it became concrete. Change is expected and value of children’s ministry is set in the Camp. Most of children’s activities were based on children right but not their relation with God and His word. Awana is unique and expect to move forward.  Organization and teachings were so effective, even meals and all are interested.  We promise partnership, not only in Nyarugusu Camp but also after our repatriation.  We are ready for the coming events."   Hushinawake Bwami, Vegl Coordinator

"For a long time we were praying God to open our mind to see the other side of church members ( Children), even if we had seminars for Sunday school leaders, it was not done in this kind of view. I therefore thank God who put this zeal to participate in this event but also to Awana International to accept our invitation to come in our Camp.  We all changed our perception about Children ministry.  We will talk about Awana in our coming meeting to make many pastors are informed about this vision and are ready to partner even if the number of multipliers will be limited.  Now is always good time."  Bwami Ekyambe, Chairperson of Nyarugusu Pentecostal Church Union

"Awana is the only children’s organization I ever experienced that touched pastors the most.  Pastors in Kigoma town are not so cooperative but when they heard about Awana, most of them were attracted to come to the event to prove and every one can testify how his view changed about children’s ministry.  I was working as a children leader for more than five years but I didn’t observe this kind of success. We started children with few kids."    Pastor Mufa


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