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A Song Leader in the Making

Seven Year Old Blind & Gifted

Maureen Song Leader 
 Maureen's singing group

This is a story about Maureen Bwalya who is a seven years old girl. She is blind and does not go to school because her parents cannot afford to take her to a school for the blind.  Her family used to go to a Roman Catholic Church before coming to Bethel City Church. The reason for their change is because of Maureen.  Bethel City Church conducts Awana meetings on Saturdays.  Maureen would sneak out of her house, meet her friends and attend the Awana meetings.  At these Awana meetings Maureen begins to learn about GOD.  Who he is and how to pray to him.  Her parents discovered what she was doing and tried to discourage her from attending Awana.  But Maureen continued to go and the parents started to see a change in their daughter.  How she would pray and sing songs of praise. They realized that Bethel City Church cared about her.  The program nurtured her spiritually and the parents began to see how she would express herself at the church.  So Maureen's parents decided to join the church.  Maureen went as far as attending the women's meeting and encouraged them to sing and pray during their study.  In fact, whenever she hears that there is a meeting at church she would always attend.

Recently Awana teachers decided to form a children's singing group.  The group would help reach out to other children.  Maureen was chosen to be the lead singer for this group. This has brought great impact in the children's ministry of the church.  Many are attending the church because of this singing group.  Many parents in the church and people around the community have shown great appreciation to what these children are doing. Especially Maureen's parents who are so happy to see how their daughter's gift of singing is ministering to other people.    


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