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Held Captive on Trinity Island, Ecuador

Clubbers in Guayaquil Ecuador
Clubbers in Guayaquil Ecuador

God allows freedom for the faithful

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Background:  Trinity Island is an area where fugitives hide from the police, continue their drug trades, and base their "hit man" operations.  Everyone is armed.   The area is divided into two sections, the Beret's and the Jesse’s with each having a “boss” who has full control of the area .   Anything done in that area is only with approval.  For safety reasons the police do not get involved and do not even go there. The power of sin is overwhelming with the drugs, murder and witchcraft.   Each area of the island is independent.  A leader or child from one area cannot cross into another area without  being killed.  They cannot move between groups or take children from one block into another block.   The environment is so extreme that it is nearly impossible for anyone to leave their traditional lifestyle.  There is fear of being killed, being rejected by businesses or sought after by the police. 

Ministry:  Antonio (Toño) Fernandez leads the ministry on Trinity Island where we started five new Seed Planter clubs last year.  Previously Toño went there for three years on his own to share God's love with these "down and outers".  People began going with him to help provide prayers, bible studies, food and help.  One day when Toño was talking to a man, a very large Black man approached and pulled a gun on them.  He fired several times into the other man and killed him immediately leaving Tono alone.  Toño was so scared, but grateful he was spared.  Despite this experience he has led many people on Trinity Island to the Lord. 

Awana:  Toño is thrilled with what Awana is doing.  There are about 90 adults and 300 children involved on the island.  One of the groups today meets in the home of the Black man.  Toño is convinced his focus should be to raise up a new generation who knows God.  The community has seen many social benefits since he started ministering there.  Street lighting helped decrease/eliminate murders.  Some of the Satan worshippers have been converted.  Overall the community is witnessing the presence of God.  While it is difficult to see changes in the lives of the adults, children are being impacted with God's changing power.  God has revealed to Toño that his priority is the children!

Victory:  Several buses were hired to bring all the children together for a big children's event. Each child had to be searched for weapons before they went on the bus.  Thankfully the ministry was able to take the children out of their area and join them where they could never get together on the island before.  God’s presence was so evident when during the event the leaders felt God leading them to check the restroom and found an 11 year old with a gun pointed at another younger boy. He was going to kill him because the father of the younger boy had killed the father of the 11 year old.  Awana is making a major impact and the governor’s office has taken note of the changes and improvements. 

Pray:  Unfortunately two “Jesse” brothers were killed recently.  One in a robbery outside of the area.  This has thrown the whole island into unrest.   Visits had to be postponed.   Toño says that it is not safe for anyone to go there.  There is a lot of suspicion and tensions are high.   Please pray for the ministry to remain strong on Trinity Island.  Lives are being changed, but there is still a long way to go.

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me.  He has anointed me to bring good news to the poor, He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.  Isaiah 61:1


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