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Transportation Strike Just A Little Bump in the Road

Traveling in Rickshaw Style

You can expect a transportation strike any time in Nepal.  My wife and I were supposed to travel to Bangalore, India for Missionary Candidate School last April.   However, we came to know that there was a road strike on the same day we were to travel. I went around to see if I could find a taxi to go to the airport, but there was not a single vehicle running on the road.  Finally I was able to see a rickshaw under a tree.  I requested the rickshaw puller to see if he could take us to the airport. He agreed to go if we paid him extra money. As we were traveling towards the airport, we saw a group of people protesting. They stopped our rickshaw and deflated the tires. Then we walked for another 1 kilometer until we found a small cycle store where we were able to pump the tires. We were the last person to catch the flight. But we praise God that we made it. We were able to attend the candidate school after all.  God always gives us a way when there seems to be no way.


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