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Awana Aruba Anniversary

Ten Year Celebration

Water scene - Aruba

Last May the Awana Aruba (Oranjasted) Team put on a televised Children’s Celebration.  It was held in the evening and open to the public. Several weeks prior it was advertised on the radio and television.  It was an amazing event that was and attended by hundreds of people from around the island.  Some of the churches in Aruba put on a presentation with their Awana kids to honor the Lord for ten years of ministry.  It was great to see the collaboration of Awana churches done with absolute excellence for this occasion!

            It was scheduled that Angel, Honorio, Randy and Brian would preach at different churches. Brian spoke at a church that will begin the Awana ministry in the fall and they are very excited about this new ministry.

            An evening barbeque was organized by Aruba coordinators Randolph & Cela Croe who wanted to show their appreciation for the faithful service through the years.  The Venezuelans, Newburns, Rhodes, Awana board, ministry team and several leaders were invited and enjoyed the feast. 

            Later in the week an Awana leader meeting was called together.  Randy began the evening sharing his history with Awana. In his testimony he shared the impact of what Awana is doing in the lives of children and the impact it has on the church.  Sandee shared a brief testimony and then played a game of country facts with the leaders. Brian then came up and challenged them with two thoughts, "Good leadership is not just hard work but heart work & God is big and I am not; therefore we must walk in humility and be obedient to Him."

            We met with the Awana Aruba board and had some great discussions over their need for English material and how it was going to get ordered.  Also shared our thoughts on what the next ten years will bring and what the role of the board will be at that time.  Later on we attended a five year anniversary of one of the Awana churches. It was held in a tent in the middle of town and was a four day event. It was open to the public and we were amazed at how it was done that way.  Anyone can stop in.  We saw people standing on the side of the road listening very intently to the worship music or the preaching.  The ministry overall has the potential to be in ten churches in the fall which is 10% of the total evangelical churches in the entire country.

            Arubans speak four languages: Dutch, English, Spanish and their native Papiamento.  They import almost everything as it is desert inland and the rest of the island is coastal. They are a very sustainable first world country as a ministry. The churches work very nicely together which such a spirit of unity between them.  Randolph has a great ministry team made up of over 20 volunteer missionaries to assist him.  Most of the clubs are on the west side of the island, but hopefully they can spread Awana to the east side like the city of San Nicholas which is very poor area.  A waiter who served us breakfast is a believer and lives there.  He will see if he can help get Oansa on that part of the island in the days ahead.

Praise be to God for an amazing ministry on the island of Aruba! May the Lord continue to bless them for many years to come!


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