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"Spiritual High"

Clubbers in the Philippines
Clubbers in the Philippines

Churches Unite in Bacolod, Philippines

There was really a " Spiritual High" that the Lord has allowed us to experience in the Bacolod.  A total of 100 church leaders from different communities representing 65 churches in all.  From day one to the end of the training we can feel the Spirit of the Lord at work.  There was not a spirit of pride or sense of superiority from amongst the trainers and the delegates.  Instead there was humility, teachableness and the common spirit of wanting to reach and disciple the children.  These leaders will be trained and with the expectation that the next 30 days there will be new centers and outreaches.  We are looking forward to that.  By His grace thousands of children will be reached with the gospel and discipled by these leaders.  I am hoping that these 65 church locations would carry on the burden and the calling of reaching the children in their communities -- ( say 50 children in each community =3250 kids).  Indeed thousands of children be reached.  We covet your prayers that we be able to supervise and monitor all these newly trained leaders and that we be a support to them.  Help to encourage them to keep on with this vision of calling and reaching the children and the youth.  Please also pray that these leaders would not be sidetracked or distracted.  We hope that a new generation of Filipinos would be raised in the Lord and in His Word.  I have attached some of the testimonies of those who attended.

We have numerous children in our place that we can build an Awana Ministry to reach out to them. I am so excited to visit homes and ask parents for permission to let their children attend Awana.  Please pray for this plan that by God’s grace, we can achieve our goal in reaching lost children to Christ.

-Pastor Joel Bernabe , Para Bible Center Church

God is awesome! I am so thankful for Him the Most, to make all these things possible. For many years of being a Christian, I was just an ordinary member of the church. Last December 2010, I prayed earnestly to Him for a ministry. Yes, I wanted Him to give me a ministry because I want a complete involvement in the church.

-          Ann S. Pomar, New Life Christian Church, San Carlos City.

            I am grateful to God I was able to study God’s Word and understand the importance of children. I believe that this Awana club will grow. Thank you for your desire to see the children of our community come to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

-May Sumugat, God Of Glory Christian Church


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