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274 Awana Clubs Minister to Children in Ukraine

In the Ukraine, 274 Awana clubs are ministering to children. One of these clubs, in the city of Dnipropetrovsk, holds its meetings outdoors. Often children passing by end up joining in on the fun and becoming regular members.

Since many of the children’s parents are not Christians, Awana leaders send permission slips home with new club members to get their parents’ written permission to attend.

Even though he told them how much he liked Awana, one of the new clubbers’ parents were hesitant to give their permission. So the boy asked the other clubbers and Awana leaders to pray for his parents. To their delight, the very next club meeting, the boy’s father came with him. The father explained that he wanted to see for himself what this Awana thing was all about.

By the end of that meeting, the boy’s father was sold on Awana! He not only decided to let his son continue to attend, but also to send the boy’s sister to meetings. The father also took the Awana leaders up on their invitation to visit the church.

Clearly, the Lord is working in this family, and the Awana club members and leaders continue to pray for the family, that they will all accept Christ as Savior and Lord.

Just as with this family, your faithful support of Awana in Europe is touching the lives not only of individual clubs members, but also the lives of their moms, dads, brothers and sisters. Thank you!


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