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Reaching Children in the Middle East North Africa

Reaching Children in One of the World's Most Difficult Mission Fields

Your faithful support and prayers are reaching children in one of the world’s most difficult mission fields. It is such an encouragement to Awana workers in the Middle East and Muslim North Africa that you have come alongside them to reach children with the truth of the Bible.

Recently, the pastor of a church with an Awana club in Alexandria, Egypt, sent us an exciting report. He said that before Awana, children didn’t come to church very often. But within three months of starting their club, the average number of children attending church rose from 50 to 130.

More important, the 22 Awana leaders at this church have noticed a real change in the lives of the children as they learn God’s Word. And every weekly club meeting sees new children attending.

An Awana worker in Egypt also recently sent a personal note to friends who support clubs in his country.  He wrote...

We pray you are doing well. Despite the recent events in Egypt, the Lord is ever present. He is working with great power with the Awana clubs in Egypt. Recently, as many as 30 clubbers have been saved. Their names are on heaven’s registry. They know the Lord as their Savior. Praise, praise, praise the Lord!

Whether your support is reaching children in Egypt, or another country in the Middle East/North Africa, you are playing an important role in raising up followers of Christ in this spiritually needy region. Thank you!


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