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Elias: 9 Years Old & Making a Difference

"It pleases me when I can help others"

It all started with a gift catalog from a missions organization. Elias was intrigued by the idea that he could actually provide a goat or mosquito net to a needy family in a developing country. That’s when it struck him – even though he was only 9, he could raise money for global missions projects.

From a magic show to a bake sale featuring his mom’s chocolate chip cookies, Elias was tireless in his efforts. An Awana clubber, the 9-year-old knew about Adopt A Club, and he decided to add the program to his list of fundraising causes. He says, “There are kids all over the world who need to hear about Jesus.”

Elias was particularly impressed by pictures he had seen at his Awana club of a young girl from Nepal whose name in English is Monica. “I’m not even sure where Nepal is, but I know that Monica’s Awana club is really important to her. She even made up a dance about how Jesus is the way to God and to heaven.

“And then there are these kids who are Awana clubbers in Africa,” he adds. “Their father’s name is Mr. John. When he saw a change in his children’s lives, he was changed too. That’s really cool!”

In a short amount of time, Elias has raised $1,200 for various missions projects, including $200 for Adopt A Club. “It pleases me when I can help others,” he says, “and it will help lots of children learn about Jesus.” 


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