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An "Ill-Tempered" Boy Changed By God

Richard's Story - Philippines

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When I heard Richard’s story I thought it could only be true to adults. Richard (11) used to run after his bullies and his playmates with a machete!

The club leader’s encounter with Richard happened when a commotion went off at the back of the church property. Richard was running around with a machete in his hand ready to strike at his playmate who tricked him in one of their games. A neighbor was able to grab Richard’s arm and stopped him from killing his playmate. He has done these many times as the neighbors recalled, as before he slightly injured one boy that got away a few inches from Richard’s machete!

The club leader asked Richard why he was doing it and brushed off by saying that they deserved to die! And when doing it he would rather be in jail because nobody really cares for him. Apparently, Richard had a lot of hate and bitterness in his life.

Richard grew up with his mother leaving them and he was left to take care of his younger siblings while the father works. Richard just had it with life and occasionally leaves home and goes around wandering with friends returning home whenever he likes to. The club leader had a heart for Richard and invited him to the Awana club meeting.

Richard has been faithfully attending Awana bringing his younger siblings with him. At my recent club visit, I was listening to the team time of Richard’s group, and he was one of the kids who actively recited verses and answered their leader’s review questions for them. The leaders really noticed a big change in the heart of Richard. When asked if he still would kill his playmate with a machete, Richard would reply, “Dili, kay dautan to, naa na si Kristo sa ako kasingkasing gi bag-o na ko Niya.” it meant, “No because that was not good and Christ is in my heart He changed me already.”


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