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South Asia: Given Away Twice, Boy Finds His Eternal Family

Please pray for Rohit.

south_asia_0212.pngWorking in a brothel in India, Shanti hoped to give birth to a daughter who could grow up and earn money by working as a prostitute. So when her baby was a boy, she was angry. 

Instead of caring for her infant son, Rohit, Shanti starved him and pressed lit cigarettes into his back when he cried from hunger. Finally, when Rohit was only one year old, she sold him to another woman.

For a while, his life improved. But when his second "mother" suffered a serious burn and could no longer care for Rohit, she gave him to the local home for abandoned children of prostitutes.

Recently, 15 volunteers were trained to be Awana leaders in this red-light district where the children's home is located. Rohit and 19 other children—all discarded by their prostitute mothers—are now part of their Awana club. Rohit is not only receiving critical assistance for his physical needs, but he is learning that he is God's own precious creation.

Please pray for Rohit and the Awana leaders who are teaching him and other "unwanted" children in the red-light district that they are loved and wanted by their Eternal Father!


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