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China: Building Healthy Families for Christ

Thank you for helping families in China grow stronger.

china_0212.pngIf you were to visit our Awana work in China, you would notice a few differences. Government restrictions prevent us from using our typical Awana club format, so we focus instead on providing tools to equip Sunday school teachers to work with children and youth, and church leaders to help the families in their congregations grow strong in Christ.

Through church-led training using Awana International's Building Healthy Families ministry, parents are learning how to "start children off on the way they should go" (Proverbs 22:6) and make God the center of their homes.

In homes across China, Awana's teachings are having unique impacts. Some parents purchased tables and chairs so they could eat their meals together as a family. Other families now have daily devotions with their children and are listening more to their children so they can be effective spiritual guides.

Awana International's China partners are having a strong impact in this vast nation. Thank you for helping families in China grow stronger in their faith so they can teach their children to know, love and serve Christ.


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