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Curiosity Replaces Crime with Christ

The power of the Gospel is transforming Duncan.

africa_0212.pngDuncan lives far from the places where tourists visit when they come to enjoy the game preserves not far from his home in Kenya, East Africa. His home is in Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world—right in the middle of Nairobi, Kenya's capital city. 

With little to do in his free time, Duncan got involved with a gang of boys in the neighborhood, picking fights with children and stealing money from a local shop.

But while walking past a church one day, Duncan was surprised to see children playing games. Curious about what was going on, he started watching what turned out to be an Awana club. Liking what he saw, Duncan decided to join the club.

Duncan's friends teased him for going to Awana and tried to make him drop out. But Duncan didn't listen—he was enjoying the club too much. And then he heard God's Word and accepted the gift of salvation through the Awana program.

Duncan's life is different now. He tells his friends about Christ, and many of them have started coming to Awana with him. The power of the Gospel is transforming him, and his life will have a new ending because of Christ.

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