Clubs Just Like Yours

Former Soviet Republic now a growing mission field


Ukraine is now home to 320 Awana clubs.

In Odessa, Ukraine’s third largest city, Vika attends our “Dom Mira” club.   She struggled with breathing problems, sometimes unable to breathe at all.  She shared this with the church, and her pastor laid his hands on her and prayed.  God was merciful and heard the prayers of His followers, and Vika’s attacks have almost completely ceased. “It is great witness of God’s healing for this Awana club and the church,” writes Aleksander.

Another Ukraine Awana club is in Kherson, a port city on the Black Sea.  Children earn rewards for bringing friends to Awana, and these rewards can be “spent” at the Awana store.  One boy saved his rewards to buy a toy for his younger brother, but didn’t have enough.  Seeing this, another clubber shared his rewards so a gift for the brother could be obtained.  When asked why he did that, the generous little boy replied, “People should help others.”

Thank you for helping us model Christ to children in the Ukraine and across the globe.  As we train them in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6), we thank God that He is at work in each of their lives.


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