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High Power Sports Camp prepares to reach Africa's youth

High Power Soccer
High Power Soccer

Bringing together Awana leaders from Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Canada and the United States is a big task but it's only the beginning of a ministry to reach more than 6,000 with the gospel in 2013.

To prepare for High Power Sports Camp, Awana leaders came together for a week-long, hands-on training, featuring 92 children who came together to learn how to play soccer.  The children came from both a major city and a rural area, representing the variety of backgrounds boys and girls will bring to the program when it launches next year.

“Through the week, each student trainer had the role of coach, zone director and camp director,” reports Drew Hester, Awana global sports missionary.  “This allowed them to . . . participate in the main roles for a successful camp.”

Although the training camp earlier this year was practice for the “main event” in 2013 – when we will host a total of 61 High Power Sports Camps in five African nations – evangelism was a full-time effort of the program.  And, God was working – 48 of the 92 children made a decision for Christ!

Following the Sports Camp, children will be discipled through local Awana clubs in their home towns so they can grow in their new faith. 

Praise God for Awana leaders who are committed to this innovative way to reach boys and girls, turning their passion for sports into a means to introduce them to the amazing love of our Savior!


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