Children at Risk


The new Awana International Children-at-Risk Initiative is bringing the hope of the gospel to young lives that truly are among our world’s “least of these.” Facing unimaginable suffering on a daily basis, these children—including those living in refugee and internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, or existing on the brink in city slums—are fragile and vulnerable. They desperately need to have not only their physical, but also their spiritual needs met.

The world’s children at risk are in the millions, and God, who knows the number of hairs on every child’s head, loves each one. With the recent development of a new program model called the Leader-Based Strategy, Awana International is in a unique position to reach these children with the good news of God’s great love and the hope of life in Christ Jesus.

These children at risk were once unseen, unheard, and unknown to Awana International. Now, we are blessed and honored that God has called us to bring these “invisible” children, whom He loves with an eternal love, to Him.



“I Have a Name”

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