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You can make a gift of securities to Awana by wire transfer, mailing stock certificate(s) or hand delivering stock certificate(s). Call Jeff Schacherer, Director of Financial & Estate Planning Services, at (847) 846-6921 with any questions.

WIRE TRANSFER STOCK to the account of Awana at EDWARD JONES.

1. Call your broker. Let him know that you would like to transfer stock to the account of Awana at EDWARD JONES. Instruct the broker NOT to sell the securities. Also tell your broker the kind of stock and number of shares you would like to transfer and have him contact Brett Robinson or Kathy Holtze at EDWARD JONES at (630) 510-1041. (Fax: 877.582.9449; Internet: Click here for Brett’s website.)

Information for your Broker: DTC #0057 and Awana Account #205-06700-1-3
Account Registration Name- Awana Clubs International

2. Contact Jeff Schacherer, Director of Financial and Estate Planning Services, at (847) 846-6921. This helps us credit your gift correctly when the transfer is complete. The value of your gift is the mean price of the stock as traded on the date you deposit it to our account.

1. Mail unsigned stock certificate(s) to Awana. Some individuals send the certificate(s) by certified or registered mail with return receipt. This is not required but recommended for your protection.

2. In a separate envelope, send a signed stock power, one for each issue (not certificates) of securities given, which transfers ownership of the stock to Awana. Please note that Edward Jones requires for you to get a signature guarantee (from your bank) when you sign the attached stock power (marked by a red "X") that should identically match the name or names printed on the stock certificate. You do not need to fill out the rest of the information on the stock power. Along with the signed stock power(s), please include a letter with the following information that Awana will mail to its broker:

"Enclosed is # of shares of stock(s). I am making a charitable contribution of this stock (or stocks) to Awana. Please consider this letter and the appropriate stock power your authority and direction to transfer the shares into the Awana Clubs International Account (for? please list designated purpose, if any)"

3. Your gift will be valued at the mean price as traded on the date of your postmarked envelope. Gifts of securities may be mailed to the following: Awana Clubs International, Mr. Jeff Schacherer, Director of Financial and Estate Planning, 1 East Bode Road, Streamwood, IL 60107-6658.

4. Please note that if the amount of the stock is valued at $5,000 or above an additional "Letter of Authorization" is required. Simply contact Jeff Schacherer at (847) 846-6921, for this form to be mailed or emailed to you for your signature only. We can fill out the remaining information.


1. Complete steps A to C as detailed under "MAIL STOCK CERTIFICATE(S)."

2. Please give stock certificate(s) in person to Jeff Schacherer or Katie Litz at Awana headquarters, 1 East Bode Road, Streamwood, Illinois, 60107.

3. The day you deliver the stock to us will be the date of the gift and valuation.


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